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Why should you use FamDam

Share the joy

Privately share the most important moments with only the most important people read more

Control the happy

You keep control of who sees the photos and you always own the copyright to your photos read more


Blurred photo and screenshot detection so your photos stay as YOUR photos read more

Save time

Upload once, share to the whole famdamily, no need to send to message groups, or to each person, FamDam will notify them all for you. Sit back and grab a coffee with that extra time read more

Save space

Not that kind of space, storage space... Each time you send a picture message it uses up space on your phone, with FamDam you only send and save it once, and should you lose your phone your FamDam pictures are always there for you

Protect your children

There are bad actors everywhere and placing childrens' images on public social media will live with them for the rest of their lives. FamDam photos are hidden from everyone but you after 1 year (or less if you like)




Uploading that your Gran and Great Gran could use Read more ...

Manage Followers

See who's following you, approvals and how you get notified Read more ...

To blur or not to blur

All photos are blurred by default, but you can decide to blur or not to blur Read more ...

Verified users

Before being able to follow you we verify each user Read more ...

Screenshot detection

If a user screenshots an image we will lock their profile for an increased... Read more ...


Upload 60 seconds of brilliant video and share it privately and quickly Read more ...

About FamDam

How we got here

FamDam was born out of frustration with other sharing options out there. Our Founder Chris struggled for 2 years with various technologies to share ongoing, fun and easy access family photos and videos with his rather large family. He wanted it to be extremely simple to use, private and to allow him to control exactly who had access to it.

In March 2020 with Chris and his wife furloughed they decided to fix this problem once and for all. Chris learnt to code while his wife tested and gathered the feedback from a small pool of family. In July 2020 the first app release was put into the Apple app store (it’s now on Google play too). The family loved it and over the following months Chris refined it and added more and more great features and extended the features that his family already loved. Since its first build release the app has grownn significantly and it’s now being used by people all over the world.

Famdam’s mission is to provide a safe place to share family media, somewhere that goes beyond current social media privacy and safeguards children from the public (social) media sharing. Look at our 6 reasons to join FamDam.

Why not join Chris and help him provide an amazing app for the whole family, protect your children, and keep Gran happy.

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